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Im a huge comic and animation geek. Mindseye has become my most favored and loved Original Character and Superheroine.
But Psylocke and the Silver Surfer are two of my favorites, with Green lantern in there. British Psylocke has been especially influential in Mindseye's creation!
Thanks for the Support. I hope you all enjoy my Jobberific Heroine in peril.
You can catch the more Erotic Adventures at
Blogger or Live Journal

Mindseye at Blogspot mindseyethewomaninpink.blogspo…
Mindseye at LiveJournal
A deviant sent me a message asking why I add cameltoes to everything.
It's simple. Because I like em. hahaha. 


Team up Thursday Jobberic Trio- Defeated!
For the first team up Thursday, we have Mindseye and the Jobberific Trio doing a joint Investigation with her descendant from the future Ocular Lass. They are joined by The girl Detective Woman in Red.
Sadly for the 5 women, they encounter Goth and her band of criminal misfits.
A fight quickly ensues.
But the Jobberific heroines are quickly defeated.
The Thief takes down the girl Detective in red. Fondling her soft tush, he intends to wipe the dirt off.
The Man Boy uses his incredible agility to defeat and overcome the Girl from the future. Smiling devilishly at her prone form.
The Enhanced Super burglar overcomes the Mistress of the Mists, levitating off the ground deciding what to do with her prey.
The Criminal dealer is able to get close to the shaken Telepath, resisting her, he forces her to the ground and muffles her cry for help.
She of the Red and Green eyes, takes out the Mindseye. The Woman in Pink offers a feeble struggle as her orgasmic begins to take hold.

The five heroines are in for an evening of embarrassment and fondling.  
Woman in Red Wednesday - OH NO!
It's danger for Nancy Allen AKA the Woman in Red.
The plucky young Detective has a bad night as she is overtaken.
She struggles as much as she can, but her foe proves to much.
She is captured as her phone plummets to the floor. 
Psylocke Psunday- Zapped by Tazirai
Psylocke Psunday- Zapped
Psylocke had grown weary of being knocked around.
The nights misadventure had been terrible. 
Seeking to flee her foe, she fled back towards her vehicle.
But her dogged pursuer wasn't finished yet with the helpless Psychic.
He had more fun in store. He knew she wasn't fast enough to escape.
But to make sure a couple eyebeams to the back was all it took.
Although her armour took the brunt of the attack. 
She was to weakened from her earlier trouncing to resist. 
She fell unconscious to the ground, unaware of what ws to come next.
Rainbow the Spaceknight 3.0 Armour and Bio Collage by Tazirai
Rainbow the Spaceknight 3.0 Armour and Bio Collage
Rainbow is a SpaceKnight from the comic book ROM.
Hers is the power of Emotion Manipulation. Her Galadorian armoured Cyborg body allows her to take the fight to the Wraith.
Since you never see what she looks like, nor what her career was. So I gave her a background as a Galadorian Entertainer who volunteered for the
conversion process. She's battled Wraiths, Traitorous Knights, a Herald of Galactus, and partook in saving Galador from Galactus. 

210 years ago Alyiana spent her nights as a Galadorian entertainer. She was a Holovideo journalist and spent time bringing actors, alien delegates and others information and fun.
When The Galadorian fleet met it's end while in the Dark Nebula, she was one of the presenters to give the terrible news to the people.
As their colony worlds were also attacked, she tearfully brought the awful news to the people. But her grace and natural Empathic nature helped console and encourage.
When the Prime Director realized the Wraith fleet was heading towards Galador, he asked for volunteers to give up their humanity, to become Cyborg Warriors known as Spaceknights.
On air, Alyiana was at first hesistant, but when she heard of the one called Rom, she grew inspired and decided to put her life on the line. 
She was one of the 1,000 selected.

The process of conversion required a rare genetic template. The metal called Plandanium was a special form of metal. It had the ability to bond to organic matter. 
The Plandanium along with Galadorian Science also had the ability to enhance natural superhuman traits. Being a natural Empath, Alyianas gifts were enhanced during the process. 
Each Spaceknight was given an armoured cyborg body, weapon, or special ability designed just for them.
The wraiths had arrived within days of the destruction of the fleet. It had taken a little over a week to go from peace to war. 
For her to give up half her humanity for her world. 

The Knights met the Wraiths in space. Some of the knights with more passive or Psionic abilities were held in reserve or used for alternate purposes. 
Her task was to join a strike team to enter a Wraith ship and gather as much information on their foes as possible. 
Her squadron entered a ship, and she used her analyzer to learn their tongue, and her Empathic powers to turn several Wraiths friendly, while another knight interfaced with the 
ships computers. Although she and two others were wounded, they succeeded, losing only 1 Knight. They fled the fight and returned to Galador with information.
Within the next two days, and hundreds of lost Knights, the Galadorians won the opening battle for their world. With Rom himself destroying the dreaded Deathwing Queen, which
claimed dozens of Spaceknights alone.

After the rout of the Wraiths, the Galadorians mourned their dead. But the Wraiths fled to other worlds. The Prime Director then tasked the knights to follow them, and protect those less advanced worlds.
Again following Roms lead she left Galador with Ender another Spaceknight. Following a Wraith ship to the world of Maztil. They befriended the people thanks to Alyianas Empathic abilities and natural Diplomacy.
During their battle against the Wraiths, Ender was lost in battle. Rainbow, a noncombatant had to learn new skills and forged a great alliance. They defeated every Wraith from that ship. 
She returned to Galador and there she was captured and placed into cryogenic imprisonment for years, until Rom saved her and dozens of other returned Knights.

After her freedom was gained, she and the others battled against Mentus and The Wraiths on Galador. She then helped battle Terrax, although she was defeated easily by the Herald, and nearly killed. Only Starshines 
timely intervention saved her. After the Galactus Crisis was over, she and the others were banished from Galador by Galactus, who hid their world. She and the other present knights went on a search for their lost world.
She traveled the stars with several knights writing wrongs where they could. Eventually She returned to Galador after the battle with the second generation Spaceknights, sometime later.

She helped rebuild their shattered world with the help of allies, and Galadorian colonies. With her humanity destroyed by the 2nd Generation Knights, she was given a more advanced armour.
Years later even that cybernetic armour was upgraded to a more human like form, for her to better relate to other beings, and look less robotic. Even though Galadorians have advanced to where their genetic
engineering could restore her human form. She has chosen to remain a cyborg, which helps her in her new diplomatic role.

When the phalanx had attacked the Kree worlds, she was among those knights infected. But she recovered after being freed from their control. With new upgrades to protect against further intrusion.
She was offworld when the builders came, and Galador was lost. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
But she is assumed to still be alive, trying to help her remaining people.

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