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Asciia the Spaceknight (ROM) :icontazirai:Tazirai 7 1
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Asciia the Technopathic Spaceknight (ROM) :icontazirai:Tazirai 8 2
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Im a huge comic and animation geek. Mindseye has become my most favored and loved Original Character and Superheroine.
But Psylocke and the Silver Surfer are two of my favorites, with Green lantern in there. British Psylocke has been especially influential in Mindseye's creation!
Thanks for the Support. I hope you all enjoy my Jobberific Heroine in peril.
My Psylocke fan fictions are hosted here.

Please enjoy!

I've been doing a LOT of Instagram and DA commission work lately. Some 3D and others hand drawn.
I'm thinking about maybe once or twice a month taking on about 5 commission pieces of work.
Testing the idea now.
Trades are on a one to one basis, and have no problems with 2d or 3d art trades.
Requests will be rarer. It's something to discuss between the two parties.

If it's something you're interested in lemme know.

I specialize in Peril and erotic peril.
If you want just a character by herself (I can do men, but prefer female characters.)
I can write stories for your pictures or you can do them after the fact.

If you just want a character created or have your own I can do a piece for them also.
If you want even one of my characters in a custom peril, I can do that also.

Solo characters with simple background
Hand drawn $20.00 Color
Rainbow 2 A by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 1 by Tazirai

Mature Content

Alaizia Peril Request by Tazirai

Mature Content

Lunarwoman Mistress of the New moon by Tazirai

Complex/peril/action Scenes 30.00

Mature Content

Fit to be tied by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Peril - Tight pinch by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Peril - Retreat is not an option by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke peril grappled by Tazirai

Mature Content

Asciia Spaceknight peril vs a Wraith male (ROM) by Tazirai

3D created $30 for custom OC characters then each additional picture is $15.00

Mature Content

Voltrix Custom OC Commission for Kineticman by Tazirai
Mattkinds Big Gina in Out of the Fog B by Tazirai

Mature Content

Modulok Zeros Virgin X Complete by Tazirai

Mature Content

Gift to Mattkind Lil Gina Profile by Tazirai

3D of custom scene of my character is 15.00

Mature Content

Mindseye Glamour Comission  for Kineticman by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Bound Commission  for Kineticman by Tazirai

Mature Content

Captured at the playground by Tazirai

Character profiles and references on my data sheets are 10.00 for custom character profiles. 30.00 total for character and sheet.
Mindseye Data sheet and Reference card Voltrix

Mature Content

Mindseye Universe Mindseye Updated Bio by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Character Reference by Tazirai
So I mentioned before kinda screwing up using Content Gatherer. But it did have one amazing use. It kept a list of all the files used in a scene. So it made it easier to relocate which files I used or had to relocate again. I've probably spent about 150 dollar re-acquiring some old files. Luckily I'm a Daz, Renderosity, and Renderotica prime member, so I got a tonne of savings and freebies during the holidays.

What I did learn though is that when using older models to create new ones, you'd get files you never intended to use or had forgotten you used in them.
So now with Content gather having saved the DUF files. I install the files to daz, then double click the Duf. It loads all the available files, and I can see which files are sill missing. Giving me the option to go forward or try to locate them again.

What I've decided to do now is recreate several characters from scratch, including Psylocke, Mindseye, Jarine, and The Woman in Red. Those 4 will be my main focus.
While a newer created character Whiteout will still use a lot of the V4 files. 

I spent a lot of January just recovering old files, and some are gone forever. I even tried some torrent sites for those ultra rare files. 
I think I've come to the conclusion that starting over won't be so bad.
I still have the mats for Psylocke and Mindseye, those skins. But with IRAY, I'll have to reskin them or create new overlays.

Hopefully by mid-February things will be going again. I'll start posting some in progress pictures soon, once I finish Whiteouts comic.


Asciia Spaceknight peril vs a Wraith male (ROM)
Asciia can only hope that Richton and Stara will finish off their foes in time enough to rescue her from this bothersome wraith.
Although it can't penetrate her armour and lacks weaponry, because she shut down all the electronics in the area, it's strength surpasses 
her own. It easily overpowers her and holds her tight seeking a bargaining chip. But Asciia has other plans, although she cannot escape
her foes grip she is silently downloading all the information from the computers banks. 
"You may have defeated me Wraith scum, but my fellow Knights will arrive to my rescue!" She stated boldly.
"I care not for your Knights woman, or for you. I refuse to die or be sent to Limbo this day!" It blurted out coldly.
"I just need you for a few moments longer, I may not be able to kill you without my weapons woman, but I can render you insensate!"
A blow under her bulbous head was enough to rattle the brain within the armour. She cried out and slumped down, her neuro-circuits 
"You knights are arrogant, Even if we cannot kill you we've learned to defeat you other ways." It said making it's run to the hidden ship. 
But even in defeat Asciia wins, as it's ship proves unworkable. 
Death or Limbo... Death or Limbo...
Asciia Spaceknight peril vs the Hellhound (ROM)
On a world that has been infiltrated by the Wraiths and their Hellhounds Asciia and a fellow knight seek to rid the world of the small but dangerous group of Wraiths.
As she disables their defense systems, one of the Hellhounds is able to jump the distracted knight. as she finishes her task a Hellhound of the Dark Nebula has grappled her.
It's chilling touch overwhelms the bio-circuitry of her armour. It then places a cold arm through her torso hoping to disrupt the womans circuitry and weaken her or force her 
into unconsciousness. As she begins to slip into the darkness, her bio and neural circuits failing, she can hear a voice calling her name. She can only hope her fellow knight can
help her in time.
Asciia Spaceknight peril Escaping the Wraiths (ROM
Fearing for Gloriole and his mental stability after gaining more power over Wraith magic, Asciia seeks to escape and warn Galador.
But even though her Plandanium body is powerful, she is no combatant. Using her Technopathic abilities she is able to defeat their technology and flee the stronghold.
But before she can take flight, Wraith brute force proves enough. Although she has the strength of several men, it's not enough against this shapeshifter as it gains leverage over her.
Her cybernetic muscles working hard but failing. Gloriole himself appears as she's held helpless.
"Gloriole... I only sought to.. aunngh..!" she cried as he used a low powered blast to render her unconscious.
"I..I am disappointed Asciia... take her away." he said with regret in his voice, but unable to be shown on his cybernetic face.
Asciia the Technopathic Spaceknight (ROM)
Asciia - Galadorian Technopathic Spaceknight
In the picture: Left- Ascia (Human form), Middle (Modern Plandanium armour), Right- (Version one Plandanium armour) 

Real Name: Ascia
Occupation: Galadorian Scientist/Cyber-specialist

History: 210 years ago, Ascia was a member of the Halls of Science on the Planet Galador. Her specialty was Computer and Cybernetic Sciences. Although she had never left her world on the Colony ships or Expeditions, it was her and her teams advances in computer and communications that helped create the relay probes that allowed for Galador and it's outlying colonies to remain in contact with each other. Galador had never been a world at war, and thus was able to progress in many fields including cybernetics, especially after the discovery of Plandanium a remarkably powerful metal that when bonded to human bodies enhanced their natural abilities, and protected them from harm. 
Ascia along with her mentor, Gloriole The worlds greatest Scientist and second best thinker, had prompted her to help design an cybernetic body for the purpose or exploration. He planned to explore a variety or worlds and wanted her to join him with her own cybernetic body, and to act as assistant. 
Her Plandanium cybernetic body was built to house the worlds most advanced computational and communications technology,most created by herself. Her psychic testing had rated very high and she possessed the power of technopathy, and enhanced memory. But before she and Gloriole could begin their expeditions, Galador had recieved word of the incoming Wraiths. A shapeshifting enemy that had annihilated a small fleet, and several colonies. 
With Only months to prepare for the invasion. They were able to put together a plan to use the Plandanium Cybernetic systems to join their remaining fleet in defense of the planet. She and Gloriole along with 998 other volunteers, led by ROM, the first, stood in defense of the planet. Since her cybernetic body was more suited to information gathering than combat, she and her squadron, along with Rainbow the Spaceknight, were tasked to gather as much current information on the Wraiths as possible. 
When the wraiths arrived, they defended their world at great cost. Many Spaceknights fell in defense of their homeworld, but the wraiths were vanquished, although man would escape to plague other worlds. After the war on Galador, Gloriole, using the data she gathered came up with a plan to locate and fight the wraiths. He would use their magic against them. Although she had not liked his plan, she loved him, and wanted to assist in anyway possible.

She traveled with him and they encountered a world with hidden pockets of wraith infestation. But they could not hide from their sensors. Gloriole was able to convince the wraiths that he would like to serve them and learn their ways. Over the next year his prowess in magic would grow, including the ability to alter physical matter. The first thing he did once he gained some mastery, was to alter Asciia's armour to make her more feminine as a companion to him. She enjoyed the newly adjusted body she had, and didn't miss her human remains as much now that she looked more like a woman. A nude woman, but a woman nonetheless. Over time Glorioles mind began to warp the more he used Wraith Sorcery. She grew concerned about him, one evening she attempted to flee back to Galador and get help, also to accept her fate for actions that may be deemed traitorous. But she was discovered by the wraiths and captured. But they hadn't known of the full extent of her powers, and she was able to escape. 

But when she arrived back on Galador she was captured by Mentus and Terminator, along with other returning Spaceknights. But luckily ROM had discovered Gloriole as he acted in a manner to betray ROM for the knowledge of the Wraiths. Asciia would later learn that Gloriole died after recovering his sanity. 
She would remain on Galador for a short time before traveling with other knights to their colony worlds to defend them from further wraith invasions. 

She has now formed her own Spacestation and research station to continue her research.

Plandanium body that is nearly indestructible by conventional means. It provides her internal organics with lifesupport and advanced Sensors and computer systems.
Her Technopathic power allows her to communicate and adapt to any computer system within only a few moments. She can do so from a short range, but contact with the systems enhance the speed of connections.
She also can generate 3D  holograms, She can generate a burst of electromagnetism that disrupts electronics in a local area of 100 feet. She can also deflect electronic projectiles and weapons. 
But she excels at Informational processing and storage. 


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