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Im a huge comic and animation geek. Mindseye has become my most favored and loved Original Character and Superheroine.
But Psylocke and the Silver Surfer are two of my favorites, with Green lantern in there. British Psylocke has been especially influential in Mindseye's creation!
Thanks for the Support. I hope you all enjoy my Jobberific Heroine in peril.
You can catch the more Erotic Adventures at
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Mindseye at LiveJournal
I am falling in absolute love in Copic Markers. I am still learning them, and am enjoying the experience.
However they are expensive. They are worth the expense, but I definitely try to use Coupons to make the purchases. 
Has anybody used any other brand of sketch markers and if so which and how is the cost associated with them?
I'll probably keep buying them. 
I do love em tho.


Aura of the Protectors Bio and new suit


Height: 5'9"

Weight: 130lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Relatives: Henry Dubay (Husband), Melonie Dubay (Daughter)

Citizenship: American

Place of Birth: Washington D.C.

Marital Status: Married

Occupation: Superhero, mother, adventurer, Former Model

Education: Implied that she has some, or has graduated from College, degree unknown


In the 1980’s Morgan was a highly successful glamour model. She eventually met, and married rising young attorney, Henry Dubay. The two had a daughter, and all was well. During a still mysterious event. She gained the ability to generate colorful waves of force. With her success, she had enough money to retire from modeling. She created a costume for herself, and became the vigilante known as Aura. She had always had a need to feel useful, and help others. But then the Brinkston event happened. Although she didn’t take part in the destruction of Brinkston, she decided to retire from crime fighting.

Her home life had improved, and she and her husband raised their daughter together. Even though she still wanted to go out and make the world a better place. She was fine with being a caretaker at home. But then Mr. Monday, and the Steel Army began making their terrorist attacks against Washington, for no other reason than Wanton destruction.

Man of War, and President O’brien were contacting former superanormals, and bring them out of retirement to combat this new menace.

Night mask was the one who recruited her. Even though her husband had reservations.


Aura was created for the Protectors comic. She premiered in Issue #2 of the series. She was given a back story as a successful fashion model, with a high powered attorney for a husband. She is also one of the oldest members of the team in her late 30’s, early 40’s.

Aura was a short lived vigilante before the Brinkston event, then she retired for a time.


Morgan is a very mature woman and is often seen playing the role of care taker and matriarch of the team. She has taken the younger heroine Arc under her wing, and helps the young woman with guidance and support. She is often seen, watching and observing other members of the team, and tries to help them when she can.

She was the only one to notice that Amazing Man had been injured during an outing, and sought to get him help, but he turned her away. But she remained concerned. She was also distraught over the death of Night Mask. She tries hard to keep her family together but it is difficult. She also does what she can to keep the team on a united front.

Aura is one of the oldest members of the team, but physically the weakest. Lacking speed, toughness, and any close combat ability. She was often defeated by foes, who were quicker, agile, and more combat capable than she. She never engaged in direct melee combat if she could avoid it. She relied on engaging her foes from a distance, using her colorful force powers to repel her foes using force like projections.

Powers and Abilities

Due to an unexplained change to her metabolism, Aura can convert anything she eats into highly charged caloric energy. Discharging this energy into the surrounding air, she creates colorful fields of force. Since her body metabolizes the calories so efficiently, from food and drink, she creates no waste products, never gaining weight, and never needs to go to the bathroom.

Some of the stunts she has performed are listed below.

  • Force Field:She can create a force field large enough to cover herself and several others. Once with empowerment by Eternal man, she was able to cover a large area.
  • Force Expansion: She can expand the force field outwards repelling foes away from her.
  • Force Blasts: Aura can release a colorful blast of concussive force that hurls enemies up and away.
  • Force Bubble: Aura can create force bubbles about herself or others. She has used them to slow her falls, crash through ceilings, or cut off oxygen if placed around a beings head. The bubbles can dampen impact from falls. Leaving her unharmed.
Aura of the Protectors From the Darkness

Former Super Model Morgana Dubay, Acquires the power to Project fields of colorful force. She leaves modelling and becomes the Superheroine known as Aura. Later she joins the Supranormal team known as the Protectors.

Aura is not a shy woman, and during her time as a solo heroine she wore the costume on the left. it was a throwback to her days as a model. It was deemed racy but elegant with it's open plunging V style monokini with flowing sleeves. With a golden belt, and sheer skirt. She wore a light brown domino mask, and brown high heels.

Here's her comic vine profile.…

She faces danger in the lurking shadows.

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