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Im a huge comic and animation geek. Mindseye has become my most favored and loved Original Character and Superheroine.
But Psylocke and the Silver Surfer are two of my favorites, with Green lantern in there. British Psylocke has been especially influential in Mindseye's creation!
Thanks for the Support. I hope you all enjoy my Jobberific Heroine in peril.
My Psylocke fan fictions are hosted here.

Please enjoy!
I've been doing a LOT of Instagram and DA commission work lately. Some 3D and others hand drawn. 
I'm thinking about maybe once or twice a month taking on about 5 commission pieces of work.
Testing the idea now.
Trades are on a one to one basis, and have no problems with 2d or 3d art trades. 
Requests will be rarer. It's something to discuss between the two parties.

If it's something you're interested in lemme know.

I specialize in Peril and erotic peril. 
If you want just a character by herself (I can do men, but prefer female characters.)
I can write stories for your pictures or you can do them after the fact. 

If you just want a character created or have your own I can do a piece for them also.
If you want even one of my characters in a custom peril, I can do that also. 

Solo characters with simple background 
Hand drawn $20.00 Color
Rainbow 2 A by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Earth 42356 issue Summaries part 1 by Tazirai

Mature Content

Alaizia Peril Request by Tazirai

Complex/peril/action Scenes 30.00

Mature Content

Fit to be tied by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Peril - Tight pinch by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke Peril - Retreat is not an option by Tazirai

Mature Content

Psylocke peril grappled by Tazirai

3D created $30 for custom OC characters then each additional picture is $15.00

Mature Content

Voltrix Custom OC Commission for Kineticman by Tazirai

3D of custom scene of my character is 15.00 

Mature Content

Mindseye Glamour Comission  for Kineticman by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Bound Commission  for Kineticman by Tazirai

Mature Content

Captured at the playground by Tazirai

Character profiles and references on my data sheets are 10.00 for custom character profiles. 30.00 total for character and sheet.
Mindseye Data sheet and Reference card

Mature Content

Mindseye Universe Mindseye Updated Bio by Tazirai

Mature Content

Mindseye Character Reference by Tazirai
  Voltrix Voltrix Bio reference sheet Gift by Tazirai


Psylocke Peril Vs the Kid finale

In which the truth finally comes out.

Psylocke had been knocked around far too much to put up a further struggle.
The nearly one-sided fight had taken it's toll. The last blow was too much.
"I...I yield child. No more." She said weakly rising to her knees. holding her head.
She held her head downward, stars swimming about.

"That is not your son!" She thought cast into their minds. Concentrating she
placed them in a calming mood before sending that knowledge. They needed to
remain as calm as possible.

"Good mind witch, How does someone like you become a premier superheroine?"
he joked. Scoffing at his defeated foe.

"Not me boy?" Richards father asked in the Psychic Link.
"Where is my son? How do you know this?" his mother asked thankful for being
calmed, else she would have panicked.

"You win Richard. If you allow me to leave. I promise never to return." Psylocke said
still a bit groggy. She removed her hood knowing it would make her vulnerable to that

"Would you mind telling your "parents, what you did with their son?" She added.
"Sure Psywimp!" He added.
He didn't know the rule about villains leaving behind their desire to always monologue
their diabolical plans.
"Ever notice MUM and DA, that I'm always sleeping? That I'm always in these jammies?"
he said moving away from Psylocke towards his parents.
"It's because I'm a leech and a mimic. I have the power to leech away the abilities and skills
of anyone I touch. I can also mimic their looks, and mannerism, gaining their memories as if
they were my own."

"But there's a flaw," Psylocke began before Richard could finish.
"Your eyes..." his father said.
"Aye. They flicker when I'm about to revert to my normal self. I need rest to replenish my
abilities. They only last for a half day." he smirked.
"WHERE'S OUR BOY!" His mother shouted in exasperation.

"So impatient mum. I'm the fast one, not you!"
"Richard" didn't notice Psylocke in deep concentration. Her plan adjusted, she had to keep
playing possum a little longer. The impostor didn't know that she had subtly remained in his mind.
learning that the real Richard was held hostage not far from the school. She used her
Psychic Searching ability to find his location and status. He was fine but drugged and dazed.
She was able to make mental contact and inform the boy that he would soon be freed.

However, she would need his help. She could give him the mental boost needed to help her.

"He won't let me go, Richard. He plans to use me, in the same manner, he's using you now."
Psylocke told the boy. "I'm no match for him but you are. Can you do what I have in mind?"
"Yes. I think so!" he sent weakly.

"Your son is being used to keep these powers. I'm feeding off him, in the same manner, I plan
to feed off this Jobbberific heroine. But if I don't charge up he'll awaken and I lose my powers."
He said.
The Deeds were thankful that their son was alive but helpless in rescuing him. With Psylocke
having been defeated, they didn't know what to do now.
"Worry not I'd say." Psylocke sent. "I've not only been in contact with your son these last moments.
But the Constabulary also. I have a plan to save us all, but you must do as I say!"
They mentally agreed.

"I didn't wack you too hard did I Psylocke?" Richard said returning to her. "You're awfully quiet, no
matter. This next hit will send you to la la land. Maybe you'll see Alice or that White Rabbit." he said.
"I can't take another hit like that. What is it with you noddy Villains.

Haven't you learned to NOT tell us, heroes, your dastardly plans?" She said with a slight but weak smile.
"Hell, why not. The Kid isn't here, and there's nothing you can.. aww shit!" he just realized he let
his mind be read by a premier Telepath. Although not a threat physically. Psylocke has learned to
be VERY tricky and cunning in the use of her abilities, and supposed weaknesses. They tended to
Lull her foes into a false sense of security.

"You've yammered on for what, ten minutes now Marco Williams of Lowery road?" Psylocke said.
Richard, Marco walked over to her and grabbed her by the neck of her hood tilting her face upwards.
"What you do now won't matter in forty-five seconds."
"What the hell are you talking about? So what you know my plans. There's nothing you can do to stop
me!" He said confidently.
"NOW!" She mind sent to the parents. They both rushed in opposite directions. One towards the basement
the other upstairs. Marco looked at each and gave chase. He didn't know why but he ran after them, forgetting
about the remaining tacks. They slowed him enough for Elizabeth to make her attempt for the door.
She hoped her timing was right. Marco turned to see Psylocke making for the door.
"No, you don't Psi-witch!" Marco said altering course and running on hurt feet. As he caught her she was
almost to the door. Speed wasn't her thing on a good day. Especially as meaty as she was up top.

"OH!" she cried out as he grabbed her cape yanking her inches away from the doorknob. She smiled
as he yanked her to the ground. She landed hard, grunting. But still smiling. Marco looked down at her
and turned his head to the side, utterly confused. That's when he heard the noise. It sounded as if
Thor was knocking on the front door. Then an Explosion of daylight and wood. Richards parents
stopped their escape and turned to look. The door came flying directly at Marco. Striking him and sending
him flying backwards.

"AAAGH!" he cried as he flew backwards hitting the wall behind him. Psylocke rolled over onto her stomach
and with the help of the real Richard stood up.
"Deft move child. What was that?" She asked quite curious.
"You ever see that movie Transporter, where Statham ran and kicked the door?" Richard said smiling.
"You did that?" Psylocke said smiling at her rescuer.
"Yeah!" he said smiling shyly and blushing at her adding, "You've always been my favorite."
"Why thank you. You're cute!" she said kissing his forehead.

"Noddy sonuvabitch!" They heard as Richards mother and father pounced on Marco. A foot and a punch
sent him to dreamland. The door hurt him, and they finished him off. Psylocke used her calming powers
to place him in a deep slumber.
"He shan't be waking anytime soon," Psylocke told them.
"I'm impressed Psylocke. That plan was excellent." Richards father told her.
"How did you time things so well?" His mother asked.
"When I first mind-linked with him, I could sense his fatigue. The Jammies were another indication." She said tugging
on his shirt adding, "I too saw his eyes flicker as you did sir."
"Once I got full access to his mind I gathered all I needed to know that he needed to rest. He'd only had maybe thirty
minutes or so before he'd revert back to his normal size, and lost his powers. Once I found your son, I contacted the
Constabulary who had an officer ready to assist me in case I needed help. I timed it so his fatigue would allow us to
each attempt to run in opposing directions since his attack on me drained even more of his energy. Thankfully
this armour allowed me to be his bait. But your son and the door wasn't my idea."

"Yeah, that was mine," Richard stated laughing. " I've always wanted to jump-kick a door.
"We have insurance, they'll cover it." His mother said rubbing his hair.
"Oh lookit!" His father said pointing at the now tied up Marco, who reverted to his older form. He was still a kid
just a year or so older than Richard.

"Can you help him Psylocke?" The father asked.
"I promise we'll try. I'd rather not have his memory of his powers blocked. But if we can't then he must be held
to account for what he did here." She said.
"Now Richard! let's chat about you shall we?"
He looked up at his buxom idol and smiled.

Psylocke Peril Vs the Kid pt4

In Which Psylocke and the parents attempt to rally...

Psylocke now on her stomach attempted to concentrate on Richards mind. Even at a stand still, he was still exceedingly fast.

Now he was occupied with removing the tacks from his feet. Even though they slowed him down, he was removing several from his

"I must somehow lock onto his mind. Calm him enough for his parents to wrap him up." She thought.

She focused all her energy on his head just as he pulled the last of the tacks from his feet. He felt her influencing him.

He was lucky that she had given up her ability to directly control another mind.

After being mentally dominated so many times by both friend and foe. She no longer wishes to

subject another to that form of treatment. To her, it was something that she, who values personal freedom
would no longer deny to others. she had also given up access to her Psychic blasts, no longer wishing to
inflict the mental harm upon another. By doing so however she had given up a large portion of her combat

But her ability to Psychically soothe another mind or to place calming illusions had helped her greatly over
her return to adventuring. Her usual tactic was to try and soothe her foes mind. This would make them
lethargic and slow. Then she could place an Illusion in their minds to placate them. Since she wasn't much
of a threat to anyone physically. This gave her an edge, allowing help to arrive, or for a foe to be placed in
a slumber. She'd hoped this is how it would go with Richard. But sometimes her plans didn't work out so

"We've got to delay him while she works on his mind." His father said.
Taking up her husband's plan quickly, Richards mother called out to her son.
"RICHARD! RICHARD! What is going on with you? Why won't you talk to us?" she called out.
"Son, is it something at school? Are you being bullied? Please, we can help you!" he called out.

Richard felt Psylocke's influence growing but felt compelled to answer his parents. He allowed Psylocke
full access without fighting.
"HOW? By sticking tacks in my feet? Sending me with this costumed wimp to some school or camp?"
he shouted.
"Do you even know what's really going on with me? HUH?" he shouted. He turned to look at Psylocke still
on the ground. Then he grinned.
Psylocke had gotten full access to his mind, no longer hindered by his resistance or how fast his mind moved.
"Good Lord!" She exclaimed in shock.
For now, she fully understood the truth of the situation. With that
Richard charged her yet again. He loved his play thing, she was well protected by that costume. But he didn't
want to give up his "toy", not just yet.


Psylocke Peril Vs the Kid pt3

In which Psylocke simply tries to stand up and get her bearings...

Richard ran at the kneeling woman. Psylocke began to turn her head to look in his direction.
The quickness of Richard was ephemeral. Quick and elusive. By the time she saw his blue sleepwear
he was already upon her. He took the bat and struck her armoured head. Elizabeth collapsed back to
the floor. Dizzy stars floating about and clouding her vision. She couldn't even think straight.
She simply lay on the floor breathing hard...

Richards parents stood watching the whole thing. Which may have taken a total of five minutes.
The Former X-woman was downed and slipping into darkness. Their son running about like a cackling barmy.
"What do we do?" The father asked, "If an experienced heroine like Psylocke can't stop him, what can we do?"
"We've got to do something, quickly while he's gone. I have a plan." the mother said.

She ran to the kitchen to the drawers and searched furiously for something.
"He'll need a doctor after this but this should slow him enough." She said.
"I'll check on Psylocke while you do this." he said looking to the fallen Telepath.

As he did so, his wife took the bag in her hand and began to toss tacks onto the floor.
"I don't care how fast he is. Even he'll be stopped by physics." She whispered.
As she tossed the tacks about her husband knelt next to Psylocke who had already begun to roll onto her
stomach. Her armoured chest supporting her. as she crawled forward slightly.

"Are you okay? You took quite a few hits." he stammered taking her armoured shoulder.
"In a moment," she said weakly. "Your son is quite strong for his age. He surprised me and wacked me
silly. I've got to think of something to stop him."
"Perhaps my wife can help." he said motioning to his wife furiously tossing tacks about.

Richard returned looking to wreck more havoc on the stunned woman. As Psylocke looked at him. He charged
again. This time, however, the tacks helped slow his advance. Their uneven placement was impossible to avoid.
"AGH! What the.. OUCH!" Richard called out stumbling to the ground.
"This may be the only chance we get," Psylocke said lifting her head to look in his direction.


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